Having a reliable logistics partner is never more critical than during times of crisis, as shown by the natural disasters that devastated parts of the US over the last few months.

Healthcare systems in Texas and Florida called on their teams at Hospital Couriers Corporation to help prepare their facilities before Hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit and trusted them to quickly get back in service after the storms passed.

HCC’s Chief Operations Officer, Michelle Case, was called to Houston to manage Hurricane Ike’s impact on local hospitals in September 2008. All hospitals in the area were affected, with one completely underwater. Case used what she learned from that experience when she got the same calls for Harvey and Irma, and she notes the importance of thorough preparation ahead of the weather:

“Hospitals get more detailed information than the public. They know when a storm is going to hit, so they can prepare, stockpile, do extra runs – it’s ‘all hands on deck’ beforehand. You’re setting up emergency response teams, a command center. It’s an abnormal situation, but you still have to move things around to the hospitals we service.”

In addition to delivering the usual materials, HCC couriers loaded up their vehicles with anything the hospitals in Texas and Florida would need with higher traffic and potential loss of power – IV solutions, extra water and food, satellite phones, even cots. HCC’s key relationships allow client managers to tap into supply chains in other regions, to utilize third party trucks to mobilize heavy freight shipments between cities, and to gain access to fuel during shortages. HCC team members from other areas jumped into action to fill in for fellow employees who were personally affected, taking over routes in their place and getting fuel for their vehicles.

Good logistical decision-making allows the teams to work right up to the hurricane. Drivers will stock up on supplies and travel as far as they can before it becomes dangerous to continue. Managers determine where to hold their fleet to wait out the storm so drivers can resume routes and respond to needs as soon as the roads clear.

When Hurricane Irma hit Florida, HCC drivers in Fort Lauderdale and northern cities were back on the road within 12 hours after the storm. Tampa was hit much harder, but despite a citywide evacuation and gas shortages, the HCC team was operational within 20 hours of the hurricane.

HCC’s specialized focus on healthcare logistics and dedication to the medical field is evident in its ability to prepare for and respond to emergency situations. Each team member is highly trained in everything they transport, from lab specimens and biohazardous materials to pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. There is also a companywide understanding of the significant influence each HCC team member has on patient care—and patient lives.

Hospital Couriers Corporation is proud to help enable its customers to provide exceptional patient care, especially during times of crisis.

For more information, contact HCC at 1-888-814-2119 or at contact@hospitalcourierscorp.com.