Case Study

Our exclusive focus is the healthcare industry.
We have been serving the health care industry exclusively since 1991. We serve those who serve the sick with the same passion and perfection that we would expect if we needed help ourselves.

We save our clients real, hard dollar costs.
We have reduced our clients expenses in terms of real, hard dollar costs. When we evaluate your operations, we determine how and where to cut hard costs: including the reduction of transportation and overnight service costs.

We are accountable.
We use dedicated resources employed and owned by us. All of our couriers are direct employees of Hospital Couriers Corporation, and the vehicles they drive are owned or leased by us. Employing dedicated drivers enables us to employ people who are dedicated to our clients and allows us to uphold the specific policies and standards of our client in order to maximize patient care.

Our team takes a hands-on approach.
Our leadership, including our owners, never ask an employee to perform a task that has not already been performed and perfected. Our leadership is actively involved in the implementation of every new client operation.

We evaluate your entire system.
We will perform an on-site detailed analysis of your system and your needs to develop a cost efficient and effective forms of transportation.

We bring the same streamlined precision into our own company processes.
Our fees include all management, labor, vehicles, insurance and other overhead necessary to operate the system, with a straightforward and simple monthly billing process. All employees and supervisors work directly for us — in vehicles owned by us — giving us maximum control over their performance and the policies under which they work.

Our system can be expanded or modified with little to zero cost increase.
Our current clients will attest to the fact that the design of our systems frequently allows for expansion or modification with little or no increase in costs. If we can perform a new task without increasing our overhead, we will do it for no additional charge. If we need additional resources, we will meet with those involved to define the need exactly.