Hospital Couriers Corporation began operations in 1991, bringing our unique approach of custom medical transportation and logistics to the healthcare industry.

Workforce: Our drivers are exclusively employed by Hospital Couriers Corporation. We do not operate with independent contractors. As such, our drivers are uniformed, thoroughly screened and held to the highest standards of regulatory and healthcare compliance.

Vehicles: HCC’s expansive fleet is owned and operated. The fleet utilizes sustainable vehicles to ensure utmost fuel efficiencies and cost savings.

Geographies: Hospital Couriers Corporation takes a unique approach towards our customer base. As a result, we design custom route and logistical solutions that can be implemented in any geography nationally. Our systems are designed exclusively for the unique needs of your system to capture utmost efficiency and service.

Technology: Our proprietary technology ensures chain of custody and the transparency our customers expect. Each vehicle is tracked real-time to provide the most instantaneous access to location and arrival time as possible.


Our exclusive focus is the healthcare industry. We bring the same passion and dedication to maximizing patient care that you do to healthcare. All of our clients strive to offer the most efficient integrated delivery networks possible. HCC primarily serves acute-care facilities, physician networks, blood banks, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories and clinics. Our clients’ universal goal is to operate more efficiently as an integrated system, centralizing many major functions to eliminate duplication and reduce functional overlap.


Each of our clients has documented the ongoing success in our partnership to help them achieve their goals. We appreciate their support in giving credence to our reputation for excellence and our ability to accomplish what we commit to our clients. Read what our clients say about working with us